Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gianni the Deranged Cat

For the film.

More to come of this character in a short little while.


Mike Caracappa 2:25 AM  

Hi Alan,

Love your blog, dude. These cat designs are really awesome! I hope I get to seem them animated some day.

Take care,


andrew 2:59 PM  

great cats Alan, he certainly looks crazy

Cookedart 12:25 AM  

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the comment and the visit! I like your blog as well!

You might be able to, might not be. We're definetly overhauling story and Gianni's definetly a possible candidate for the cutting room floor. I will, however, try to animate at least one scene with him, which I'll try to post once it's done.

Andrew - Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun pushing shapes lately - glad to hear you like it - you're a definite inspiration!

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