Sunday, December 14, 2008


Check out this awesome pilot for now-defunct film, Siegfried, animated by Pendragon Imageforge.


Philip Rodrigues 10:08 PM  

that looks really cool, GO 2D :)

Jamie 8:54 AM  

wow! why is it now-defunct? :(

Garrett Hanna 10:23 AM  

Wicked. Thanks for posting this!

Deven 12:04 PM  

"le 19 octobre en bande-dessinée" at the end caught my attention. It appears to be a French graphic novel, whose first volume came out October 19. So I looked it up. :)

Check out the first few pages under "Portfolio" here: The second volume is allegedly coming out the end of 2008... which would be soon.

For those who do not speak French, here's my translation of the summary:

A liberal adaptation of the legend of Nibelungen that inspired Wagner's famous operas, Siegfried is the pinnacle of heroic fantasy, a fascinating comic that reinvents the myths that formed the foundation for the legends that followed. The childhood of Siegfried, son of men and of gods, schooled by the wolves of Nime. The Nibelungen forms the first volume of an extraordinary trilogy created by Alex Alice, the inspired creator of The Third Testament (Troisième Testament). A series event that takes its place, even today, among the great works of the Ninth Art (refers to comics, graphic novels and comic art).

Gosh that was a long post. 8|

Pete Emslie 11:43 PM  

I have to be honest here and state that, despite the impressive technical drawing skills on display in this trailer, I found it bland and tedious to watch. First of all, though I freely admit to not knowing anything much about Wagner's Nibelungen, I note that some of the animated imagery shown in this clip is highly derivative of similar imagery in Disney features such as "Tarzan" and "The Lion King", as well as Peter Jackson's live-action "Lord of the Rings". (Actually, I believe that the Tolkien trilogy was in some way itself inspired by Wagner's Ring saga and the Norse legends it's based on!)

Anyway, the main reason for my general lack of interest in what I just saw is that, despite the impressive drawing and animation on display, I got the distinct impression that this film has very little to offer in terms of real characterization. The human characters were so bland in their physical design and animation, that I couldn't imagine any of them succeeding in engaging my interest or emotions. I realize that some of you students are impressed greatly with the technical ability of what you see here, but all of that effort is for nought if it isn't backed up with honest personality to engage the audience. Without that important element, they're just well executed automatons.

Adam Temple 2:00 AM  

Defunct? That mean Not getting made? WHY!?? As much as I have to agree with Pete, I really like the design style of this trailer and I'm dying to see a good movie made with a more european look like that. A good story is a must, because that art deserves attention! Nice post Alan!

RyE 8:57 PM  

Go Pete Emslie!!

I had a similar reaction. It sure is pretty but its not sticking with me the way some teasers do.

Speaking of pretty I have been watching a lot of Disney stuff lately and have been nerding out big time. We should talk soon.

Evan Bonifacio 8:50 AM  

Damn Skippy Mr Emslie!

A film like this would have to bring some flawless story telling, and impeccable acting to engage my attention and then hold it for the length of a feature.

If only they had pushed some of his features by even a mere 20 percent. It would relieve the compensative work load on the other aspects of the film.

But who can say whether or not it would have been successful. I guess we'll never know.

Hoggan 2:20 PM  

Its funny, I find most french design to find a comfortable medium between Disney and Myazaki, maybe thats because they sit about equa-distance between the two! Anyways, I agree, the opening shot of the hand holding the sun blew me AWAY!! but the characters seemed a little hollow. But shit, vikings are always COOL! give these guys some money!

Aldo 12:22 AM  

well .. "tedious" .. what might be so is this pilot/teaser, another thing is the movie. I could even agree honestly, but the temptation to judge a movie from his trailers is reasonable yet a bad habit. the quality of the animation and general artistic taste look amazing, and is such a shame that this is already a "defunct" project.. btw, alan, any more details about?? (and thanks for posting though!!)

King Marvin Mugabi 7:56 AM  

I tend to agree with mr. emslie, yet at the same time I don't believe good characterization should rely on caricature...
it should rely on characterization.

yes to look at this you can probably get the impression that it's going to be one of those bland stories with bland characters and that impression may in fact be true...

but a argument can be made as to why a more subtle approach to design is stronger and more appropriate here. ie it could be seen as derivative of that lord of the rings animated film or black caulderon, last unicorn, quest for camelot or day I say even dragon's lair...which at times all look like the same movie based on character alone.

Secondly if this was say a graphic more mature or adult geared movie, then that inspector gadget design we all love might just not fit right you know.

my point being appeal in characters can and should be found in story, and appeal is a very subjective term, it all depends on the audience...i'm sure there are some magic the gathering fanatics that would teem at the mouth for characters that look like the illustrations they have on their card games.

Halya 12:30 PM  

I'd watch it. :P

kelly erwin 2:27 PM  

I'd be interested to see this movie-I love vikings. Generally I try not to judge a book by its cover, or design. Forexample I was not at all impressed with the animation/design of Watership Down but the story was engaging and won me over. People seem to have a tendency to jump on the hate wagon befor they even see a movie in full form. I would of loved to of seen where this at least went.

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