Monday, December 01, 2008

My Wasted Life - A documentary on Matt Groening


RyE 10:27 AM  

Man, I needed some of that. Awesome. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous 11:41 PM  

Part 2 :

Matt says : when I was 14 I vowed "I'll never take another test again" .

He should find out what goes on at Film Roman/Starz Media when cartoonists try to get jobs there working on "The Simpsons" .
(storyboard "tests" , animation "tests" , clean-up "tests" ...all these bullshit "tests" required even from people who are long-time journeyman animation artists ).

And I like Matt ... but his posing as some sort of "left wing" radical type is pretty hollow when his animation empire doesn't support union jobs. He outsources his animation stuff to sweat shops .

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