Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The Gobelins short Oktapodi is finally online. (Warning: Quicktime Link)


Jazzy 6:57 AM  

This short is amazing!!!
and MYKONOS (a greek island) looks stunning!

Vadim 9:51 AM  

Hey Cook. Hows it goin. Whats the slowdown with the posts man. I need my animation news!

Nubian Greene 12:50 PM  

damn u gobelins!!

Anonymous 1:01 AM  

Dude, I've been waiting for this for aaaages. Thanks!

Andre Barnwell 4:13 PM  

waddup alan. big up on the post

Dawn 6:56 PM  

that was totally worth the wait. Biggups to that crew!!! vive la france !!

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