Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fox Force Five...

Oh ya, I forgot - I do drawings sometimes....


Unknown 11:29 PM  

Very nice appearance of the fox

RAWLS 7:27 AM  

Great design dude!

Shawn Boyles 10:56 AM  

I love how far you've pushed the shapes on this one. Great stuff.

Chalky 11:59 AM  

haha, I love the flow of this one, its nice to see your drawings, but also love all the news. Thanks for keeping us up to date

Mark 5:28 PM  

Where has Alan Cook disapeared too.. did he get snatched up by the wonderful world of animation or aliens?

Kei Acedera 1:01 PM  

this is awesome Alan! hope you're having a great summer :)

Jamie 8:23 PM  

Yay! Keep posting drawings!

Mel Maduro 3:26 PM  

He looks like a sneaky little bastard ...I love him.

Juampa 10:47 AM  


I have no words!! All your stuff is stunning!!!!!


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