Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The first trailer for 'The Princess and the Frog'

Check it out here.

Please be good...


Bobby Pontillas 1:30 AM  

I'm hopin with you man, I really want this to do well.

clifford chiu 11:39 AM  

sort of looks like they're trying too hard with the animation..

Sam Nielson 12:47 PM  

I'm guessing all of this was animated just for the trailer, which (hopefully) means it won't be as cheesy as this trailer, and I'm guessing the "trying to hard" animation stems a lot from the insincerity of the trailer script (maybe I'm just hoping),

James 2:37 PM  

Disney always overstates their animation... it's what they do...

Evan Bonifacio 11:06 AM  

They never used to overstate their animation...

I was watching the Sword in the Stone the other day, and it amazes me how "un-fluid" some of the animation is. They make up for it with very strong posing and expressions.

I think that now, since the fluid/squashey/stretchey/crazy overlapping action of 3D animation is so obvious (and sometimes over bearing), studios making 2D productions feel like they need to keep that same feeling.. like the entire animation needs to be on 1's or something.

Maybe the old style of using held drawings wont even hold up for todays general audience.... what with their short attention spans n all...

Andre Barnwell 11:21 AM  

*CHEERS* heres to "Hoping". LOL

Chris Palmer 4:28 PM  

hoping, too!

i remember not really caring for the original ratatouille trailer either. and that film blew my pants off. and my socks.

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