Sunday, May 11, 2008

Zoo-mbamafoo... Part 5....

Yes, I have been going to the zoo a lot lately. Can you tell?


Philip Rodrigues 11:48 PM  

my paper beats your rock :)

jonathan 12:09 AM  


Unknown 1:49 AM  

I was gazing at one of these birds yesterday at a "zoo" as well. Really beautiful creatures. What I like most about them is the insane leg anatomy and "pretty" behavior.. the feathers are a bonus too :D

Lettie Lo 7:50 AM  


clifford chiu 9:21 AM  

that's beautiful al :)

Aldo 1:49 AM  

..and it was so worthy going to the zoo! ..really beautiful work!! ;)

Unknown 8:43 PM  

Great animals drawings!

Tapan Gandhi 8:46 PM  

i like this one a lot, alan

great stuff

Unknown 10:46 PM  

Awesome peacock Alan!

Andre Barnwell 8:08 AM  

this is my favourite of yours thus far. Nice.

You Win 10:09 AM  

very striking

Amanda 7:06 PM  

Pretty as heck! <3

Mel Maduro 2:51 PM  

Ooooh, very nice Alan. (And btw, the fact that you wrote a comment on my post, literally a minute after I posted it, is a little creepy...)

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