Monday, May 26, 2008

Who Is Rocket Johnson?

For those of you attending San Diego Comic-con this year, make sure to swing by booth 2302 to pick up a copy of "Who is Rocket Johnson" - a compilation narrative created by the talented artists working at Walt Disney Animation.

The book is limited to 1000 copies and features the work of some incredible artists who all try to answer the question posted in the title... the artists are.... Steve Anderson, John Musker, Dean Wellins, Mike Gabriel, Kevin Deters, Paul Briggs, Tom Ellery, Sam Levine, Nathan Greno, Don Hall, Mark Kennedy, Aurian Redson, Daniel Chong, Tron Mai, Lawrence Gong, Joe Mateo, Michael LaBash, Chris Ure, Bruce Morris, Mark Walton, Glen Keane, Chen-Yi Chang, Byron Howard and Arthur Adams.

Check out the Who Is Rocket Johnson website for more info.


RAWLS 7:41 AM  

Hey Alan!
Great posts lately. That Rocket Johnson thing sounds cool...wish I could get a copy. I also can't wait to see're so lucky you got to see it already! Love the animal drawings..especially the peacock. Great colours! Oh, and congrat Vlad for me on the Festival thing...great film. Oh, and your friend Matt's film was great as well.

Team Diana 8:23 AM  

Here, how about I write to you on your *own* blog? Then you will surely see it.

They actually have it set up here at school so that I can just burn you a copy of the open show myself. If you don't mind waiting until next week, I can totally do that. Ok? Plus my own film is on there and so you can see it that way...

And I am pretty sure I know people who will *definitely* be going to comic con this year, so I will ask one of them to pick up this book for me, so that takes care of that.

Is is appropriate to have conversations like this in the comment section of a blog? You know way more about blog etiquette than I do...

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