Sunday, January 27, 2008

Color Script 1.0

Hi all,

This is my first pass at a color script for the film. It's over-representing the parts in the middle so I'll have to add more panels, plus the colors will go through endless tweaking until I get it to feel just right.

I gotta say it's a fun part of the process!


AndyG 8:07 AM  

I love the first pass at it. Really nice use of the muted browns paired with the warmer colours in the middle...

may I ask why did you choose the cooler colours at the beginning and end of it?

looks amazing, I can't wait until I'm in my fourth year and working with all of this :D

Jazzy 2:23 AM  

Is there any rule about the continuity of colors in a movie?
I think yes...


excelent secuencial art, congratulations

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