Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Chris Sander's "Kiskaloo"

Lilo and Stitch director Chris Sanders has started posting up a webcomic
to his blog entitled "Kiskaloo". He plans to update every Monday. Make sure to check it out.


Pete Emslie 8:47 AM  

For me, it's refreshing to see a terrific cartoonist like Chris using real art materials to draw and ink with. Whether he's using a brush with ink, flexible markers, or a combination thereof, it's just so much more pleasing to the eye than all of the rather sterile digital inking that permeates most of the web cartoons we see online.

Chris Sanders is a bit of a throwback - his characters hold the same appeal for me that I associate with favourites like Walt Kelly and Hank Ketcham. Look at the way he's created some bit of visual business for Baby New Year, adding some life and personality but not allowing it to distract from the dialogue between the cat and Father Time. This is the type of thing that Walt Kelly was always doing in "Pogo", which resulted in characters that really seemed to come alive on the printed page.

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