Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Glen Keane draws the Beast

It's incredible to watch him draw!

I just recently noticed that I have passed 70,000 hits and 500 posts. Yowza! Thanks all for those who visited and read all of my banter!


Piotr 1:07 PM  

congrats on the 70k hits and over 500 posts! glean keane is so awesome, wonderful clip!!! he is so relaxed...

Alter-Ego 8:32 PM  

Very cool man, congrats on the 70 000 hits. Glene Keane is awesome. I love checking out your blog cause of all the great video stuff you post. Very inspiring. Plus you toally kick ass in life drawing.

Keep it up!

Georgiy Verby 9:27 PM  

wow, just WOW, glen keane... i wish i could draw like that with that speed and character present in my drawing, well i guess gotta make my mark in 3D instead

congrats on 70 000 hits

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