Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Feels like it's been a while...

Here are a few life drawings from today.

I'm definetly feeling scatterbrained right now so sorry that I haven't updated as often as I normally do.

I'm also feeling not too proud of my life drawing. I feel like I should be a lot further than I am and I guess that has a lot to do with a turbulent, stressful year.

Well, I guess the year ain't over yet...


Michael Dedrick 7:13 PM  

Alan, your life drawing is amazing. Your certainly an inspiration for me in that regard. It's just a mark of an artist when they are never satisfied with their own work; that can only make you continue to get better.

I think we are all feeling the scatter-brainedness at this time, due to the many directions we are being pulled into (group film, school work, 4th year film, outside of school obligations, anything else I'm forgetting).

Hang in there; just a few weeks left, you can do it!


Mark 9:21 PM  

Wicked Life drawings Alan..

Anonymous 8:59 AM  

alan: i've been drawing for more years than i am sure you've been alive, and my drawings of people *still* haven't come up to your level. i really like your work and i agree with Michael that satisfaction is the death of improvement but discouragement is the death of creativity. we all have tough years -- it will just make you a better artist.

Rade 3:20 PM  

Wonderful Life Drawings!

EricV 5:44 PM  

i like this batch alot more than some of your other lifes that are done in watercolour or marker it looks. to me those are too distorted and just not that appealing. these show more of what you aare good at. and thats keen observation, simplicity of shapes and forms and nice line quality. one thing i dont like however is the loose shading/tone you throw on top of each piece. very nice lifedrawing tho

Devvv 6:40 PM  

These are gorgeous! Reminds me that I need to catch up on my life drawing as well.

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