Friday, March 17, 2006

Two life drawing sessions in one day?

Better not overdo it....

(P.S. Yes, thanks to whoever anonymously commented that this looks like Andrew Scheglov's stuff. I'd have to say that my 'style' if it can be so-called is just an amalgamation of just everything that I see that I think is good, by others (Isn't this how we all gain visual vocabulary, anyways?). Scheglov is definetly better at this, but I liked it and thought I'd give it a try. Does it make it wrong for me to draw on Manilla with charcoal because I saw Robin drawing with it? Or can I not draw with colors on Kraft paper because Aaron used it? Or if I think it's cool should I try it out? Just my two cents.)


Anonymous 8:24 PM  


andrew 10:51 AM  

completely agree with you Alan, sometimes it's good to try out or be influenced by others....doesn't mean you're copying them, just exploring. This is how you grow as an artist.

Don't be deterred, keep up the good work.

Joel Beaudet 4:24 PM  

That’s right, try what ever styles you want to, experiment, learn and grow. I think your shit rocks Alan. Mr. Incognito, Get balls. Stand by what you have to say, don’t hide. Just humbling myself my opinion matters haha. Love seeing new shit, keep posting Alan.

Anonymous 8:32 AM  

oh you guys

that was me posting the schlegov comment.. i was totally joking :P

you know i like your stuff alan.. take it easy :)


Jarrett 12:47 PM  

I like the direction you're taking this.

Robin 11:17 PM  

Cliff's just messing with you, Al


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