Saturday, March 18, 2006

No art for today :(

Sorry, no art for today.

But I -did- want to thank you guys for giving me over 1090 hits in one week, I'm now just under 4100! Again, thanks for linking if you did.

I thought I'd plug some cool blogs that have been popping up around the net.

First off, my two faithful conspirators/roommates Phil and Dave have recently joined the Sheridan Animation blogging crew. Make sure to keep checking back on their stuff.

My good friend Max has also recently started blogging. I really recommend checking out his blog regularly, I'm sure some mad character stuff will consistently be posted.

Not sure that she needs more plugs, but Robin Hall's blog is looking really cool. Bug her to update!

Sarah and Marceline (who assures me will be blogging soon) are two talented ladies whose sites are definetly worth 'regularing.'

Brandon's got a great 50's inspired painting style going on. Definetly worth a look if you haven't been.

Normand has been posting some wicked boards up on his site, and Robin consistently blows me away.

Last but not least check out Mark Kennedy's blog for some really nifty tips on things like leading the eye, composition, and light and shadow.

I'll be posting some new life drawing tomorrow.


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