Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mecha Drill!

So hopefully you've seen The Boxtrolls by now. If not I guess this is a little bit of a spoiler. Michel and Tom worked on this guy for quite some time before the story dictated what the final design needed to be. Eventually I got to mess around with it too and came up with this turnaround - it's these drawings they used to build from. Definitely not the best turnaround from a technical standpoint but this was a pretty difficult task.

At one point the drill was even a mechanized version of a rat - Snatcher had a pet rat that would pilot it. In the end it's more like a demented, horrific boxtroll with fire coming from its mouth.

Working with the team on this was insanely rewarding. So many different departments had to come together to make this thing happen. It might be a fool's errand to call out the people who helped build this but I'd like to try:

Curt Enderle, Raul Martinez, Ollie Jones, Jerry Svoboda, Brian Hanh, Matt Burlingame, Paul Mack, Tim Arp, Molly Light, Tony Chen, Mike Possert, Enrico Altmann, Leigh Jacob, George Willis, Max Barsana, Enrico Altmann, and Bruce Bowman... hats off to you guys! Everyone should be proud of their work.

The real thing is as huge! Definitely comparable to a person when its legs are extended... and definitely too heavy for a single person to lift. But if that still interests you, it'd make a really good conversation starter in your living room.

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