Saturday, October 30, 2010



Scott C. Gwynn 8:49 PM  

Love your shape making. I especially like (of all things) the seated man's shoe. That bike has got a lot of character too.

Unknown 12:31 AM  

beautiful design!!

Jarrett 8:50 AM  

This is fun guy!

Desiree 5:36 PM  

Kick ass shapes!

abhishek singh 3:40 AM  

love your designs and your AWESOME blog:)
BIG Thanks!! for the DEMO videos for Sam Jack BG

Trent Correy 11:55 AM  

Very cool, awesome shapes!

Anthony Holden 9:50 AM  

extra points for accuracy.

Unknown 5:06 PM  

Duuuude! hahaha Awesome as always, thanks for thinking outside the box! So inspiring!

Emmanuel Briand 2:57 AM  


Abbey 9:11 PM  

I can tell you live in Portland haha

kopi.J 7:56 PM  

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ghada 11:56 AM  

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