Monday, June 28, 2010


I did a 30 minute presentation on how Flash is used at Jibjab recently.

Check it out here.


Jarrett 1:11 PM  

Great video Alan!

Omar 5:25 PM  

Really cool, I might jump back into Flash.
You should post more tutorials for us noobs :P

abhishek singh 7:01 PM  

very insightful video:)
your blog is very informative , and thanks for all the amazing links of all the AMAZING work happening around.
keep posting:)

Y 11:24 AM  

Thanks alan.
Really informative. I agree with more tutorials, if at all possible.

Devy 8:37 AM  

Yeh I enjoyed this...tried learning it myself recently but it gave me a massive headache!

I've decided I need a physical being to teach me as turoials never seem to cut it.

Good Work

Kendra Melton 3:38 PM  

Thanks for sharing that. It was really interesting to see what all goes into those animations. I never realized how involved it was. Very cool!

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