Saturday, March 06, 2010

Gorillaz - Stylo

New Gorillaz Video!


Maximilian J. Haig 10:24 PM  

I don't know...that video was pretty bad. The song too, was equally unimpressive.

Nemofish 5:16 AM  

Bruce Willis!!!

tokyobanana 1:30 AM  

hahaha I hope the will get back to the classical 2d for 2D "the character" I mean , it could be very interesting to mix up them both 3d for the band and 2d for the singer ?

arzu 8:50 AM  

it looks great, i know Bruce Willis is a fan of this band. i like how far they went with the idea.

Mélissa 3:09 PM  

It's great to see Gorillaz is back ^^ The album and visuals are terrific

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