Sunday, November 29, 2009


Some puppets for a friend...


Luke Burnet 3:03 AM  

great ! I like your style.

Kendra Melton 8:33 AM  

Nice. they're so sad though.
Well done, I like how you played with eye variations and different stripes.

Unknown 8:50 AM  

Thanks Kendra. I was going for sad for sure!

Alex Chechik 10:03 AM  

Great designs and patterns on these.

Is Nate is turning them into some awesome puppets?

Andre Barnwell 12:41 PM  

I like the top page bottom right corner one. I like the asymmetry of the ears and the buck tooth. Don't know if you're going for generic or what though. regardless nice studies.

RAWLS 1:18 PM  

haha, cute!

Maira G. 9:07 AM  

These are such cute kittens!!!!!

Abhilash.N 9:47 AM  

Great designs and style on these.

Unknown 10:09 AM  

Waw Nice. Thumbs Up for your great style and flowing lines.

Stevie 6:59 PM  

These cats are extremely fun .. I love their designs!!

Mark Mayerson 7:00 PM  

Print 'em up and sell posters of 'em, Alan. There are a billion cat lovers out there who would take out their wallets for those drawings.

Jason Barnes 3:41 PM  


Jelter 10:37 AM  

Awesome shapes. They're pretty funny.

Mukpuddy 1:41 PM  

These are amazing dude!!

Heidi Smith 8:11 AM  

I love the kitties!!!

kopi 2:44 AM  

WOW! I Love it...
and i thing thats good for you >>

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