Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Adobe Evangelist...

So I was at Adobe MAX learning from the master gurus at Adobe about where they hide that button that animates all your scenes for you with perfect believability, and that one button that will do perfect drawings for you, when I was introduced to my first Adobe Evangelist.

I have no idea why they call them evangelists, as it seemed a silly name, but I felt he was probably important so I sketched him down while he was explaining how gamma and chroma points were important to set on your monitor. Unfortunately, there was no tablet.

Only a mouse.

I don't know his name, unfortunately, so he'll just be the evangelist forever more.

And no, I never did find either of those buttons that they were talking about.


Andre Barnwell 5:08 AM  

DAMN! I could really use those buttons too.

Vadim 7:20 AM  

That's a sweeet mouse doodle!

We should make everyone in our year do an assignment were they all draw the same subject matter with a mouse. Then post them all up on a blog.

What do ya think? Draw Mickey Mouse!

Robin Hall 7:45 PM  

That's because that information is classified, government information.

They're not just going to give the location of those buttons to just anyone, Al.

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