Sunday, May 10, 2009

Princess And The Frog Trailer...


Hoggan 7:33 AM  


Angel 7:42 AM  

holy moly!

Hrishikesh 2:38 AM  
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Hrishikesh 3:02 AM  

glad 2 watch a 2d trailer

Sam Nielson 11:51 AM  

The first teaser trailer was honestly not that great. This one actually gives us something that looks like it's worth seeing.

Adam Temple 1:56 PM  

I'm still not sold, but it was at least funny to watch the frog flip. It was like, "PLEASE! Let us flip for you! PLEASE!"

James 7:11 PM  

Glad to see Disney do glorious 2D again, but I'm not totally sold by this trailer glimpse. Maybe my tastes have changed but I'm weary of the Disney Princess movie formula. As John K would say, Disney designs are getting tired. The Prince looks like Aladdin, the villain looks like Jafar, the Princess looks like any Disney Princess. The acting from feeling to feeling and humor feels theatrically fake and forced as ever. Like why is this frog so comfortable under his skin? He should be completely desperate, fanatic, and anxious in persuading the princess to kiss him. Disney focuses way too much on appealing personality to the point of unnaturalness. The musical sequences and animal sidekicks look as annoying as ever. The adventures of two frogs trying to become human again is a hard sell.

Now what I LOVED was seeing the world they are in. New Orleans in the 1920's looks fabulous. The more "regular" human sequences in this world looks great great great. I wish they would lose the zany villains and annoying wacky characters and just focus on making a straight out magical musical fairy tale romance. Sort of like those old charming Hollywood musicals like "Singin' in the Rain". That's what I'd want to see. My biggest complaint about the post Walt era is the company forgot how to be charming. Instead of charming, they're entertaining.

Kids may love it and it's great for 2D Disney to return and I hope this succeeds but I wish these movies would grow up so to speak.

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