Monday, March 02, 2009


Some work I did on a graphic novel.


RAWLS 6:20 PM  

Beautiful! Love it.

Anonymous 1:22 AM  

That looks fabulous.... tell us more!

Abbey 8:22 AM  

Nice stuff Alan Cook. Haha, I think your brain is made of sepia.

p.s. you do draw cats too much ^_~

p.p.s. how's life?

Tapan Gandhi 4:16 PM  

this is amazing, alan! give us some deets!

Farrukh Khan 4:09 PM  

great stuff man
its been awhile since i've visited =) but its amazing as always

Hoggan 4:35 PM  

this is great man!! When can i buy the book?

Kacey 11:49 AM  

Your work is awesome, I am glad my friend sent me your link! I will def be stoppin by in the future:)

Jamie 9:58 AM  

Very beautiful, Alan. Love to see more of this. What's the novel?

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