Saturday, January 31, 2009

Please don't mind the mess...

I'm updating the layout of my blog today. Please be patient!

The site has been updated with a new layout! I hope you guys like it! It certainly makes things easier on me so I hope you don't mind the change.


Pat 3:40 AM  

LOVE IT! Much cleaner layout.

BEN 12:05 PM  

love this new graphic!
compliments again for this blog and thanks for share it!

orange 2:21 PM  

looking great Al ! love the image of the ox below as well.


David Nethery 7:20 PM  

I like it ! Good looking blog layout .

Team Diana 7:41 PM  

I like the new layout, but you've put my blog in the wrong section. It should be under "my favorite blogs." Thanks.

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