Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Got out to life drawing today.


Mel Maduro 4:47 PM  

holy craps, you still go to life drawing........ good for jou!

Alina Chau 10:09 AM  

beautiful drawings!

Mehdi Shiri 1:59 AM  

very good

Hoggan 5:37 AM  

i'm lovin these AL! way to be KEMOSABI

Lorleen 12:38 PM  

Fucking sweet. You made her more interesting and pretty than she was.

Jarrett 7:30 PM  

Hi Alan. The one on the left is great.

Matthew Kalinauskas 12:41 PM  

hey Alan,

Life drawing eh? Yeah, I actually kinda' miss it... wow, I can't believe I said that... but it's true. They look sweet!

Oh, and I'm up on the blog... all systems go!

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