Sunday, March 09, 2008

Feeling bad...

...about not posting to this blog lately... Every day that goes by without posting I feel worse!

So here are some stills from the film. Sorry about the Sequence/Scene markers - was too lazy to take them out.


*tina 9:36 PM  

veryy nice alan..can't wait to see your film!!

Anonymous 2:42 AM  

Wow, very nice work! Looking forward to see the film!

Philip Rodrigues 4:09 AM  

Ya AL, I can't wait to see the film too. LOL

clifford chiu 6:54 AM  

you guys are animating in two-tone?! jebus!

AndyG 8:15 AM  

No need to apologize Mr Cook! All your hard work will certainly show when you do a big update at the end.

Looks frickin amazing...

Bonnie Tang 3:41 PM  

two guys are crazy! Can't wait to see it finished. It looks really nice!

Brandon James Scott 7:18 PM  

looking pretty sweet dude

Hoggan 6:37 AM  

haha, no wonder your giving your self carpel tunnel Al..two toning. Looks great though !!

Ellie Ventura 8:47 PM  

can't wait!!! Looks awesome.

Anonymous 11:11 PM  

Hey man! This looks great!

Team Diana 10:17 AM  

I noticed that you haven't put up any drawings of the CAT in your film. There had better be a cat in your film or else I won't like it.

You know, both me and Ian have cats in our films, in fact, I have TWO cats... AND a CATFISH!

Howard Shum 6:15 PM  

Cool designs on these!

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