Friday, February 08, 2008

Full Wall-E Trailer!

Ohh mann!!!

(Video Updated X4)

Sorry folks... the video keeps getting removed...


Garçon 1:31 PM  

arghh the movie is down :) I had the chance to see it on Youtube before it went down too. Apparently that trailer wasn't supposed to release today as Pixar ask to remove it.
Anyway I was suprised by the storyline it revealed and that other robot surprised me even more.

Jazzy 10:12 PM  

It's all about love!!!!!

alexandre 12:42 PM  

I'm impressed!

bonnie-ann black 9:12 AM  

it *looks* fabulous... however, the "director of Finding Nemo" bit makes me a tad uneasy. that was such an... ordinary... movie. but as far as story, animation and design go, i think The Incredibles was one of the best movies i've ever seen -- animation or not.

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