Friday, December 28, 2007

Bolt...and Up...

Some images from Disney's next... "Bolt" (Formerly American Dog). If you want to find out more about Bolt, make sure to check out Jim Hill's older post about the film. Mr. Mittens is still by far my favorite character (and it's not only because she is/was a misnamed cat in a radioactive jumper).

Also, Pixar's Up is apparently a retelling of the Don Quixote story... albeit at quite a stretch, according to Upcoming Pixar. The plot summary thus far:

Pete Docter and co-director Bob Peterson are preparing this "coming-of-old-age story" about a seventysomething guy who lives in a house that "looks like your grand-parents' house smelled." He befriends a clueless young Wilderness Ranger and gets into lots of alter kocker altercations. Says Pixar: "Our hero travels the globe, fights beasts and villains and eats dinner at 3:30 in the afternoon.


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