Wednesday, April 18, 2007


from today and yesterday....


Jinny 4:26 PM  

Hey Alan, my fav are is the first and last =) Love the shapes and depth in the first one.. and I like how u drew the face in the last ^^

Yuriy Sivers 9:03 PM  

Great Stuff!

Have A good Summer!

Riè 8:45 AM  

Oooh cool. I love drawing Tanya. You've captured her really nicely in this costume and character. I think my favs are the first and third on from the top. :D

Alina Chau 1:57 PM  

beautiful gesture drawings!!

EdoAvenir 8:53 AM  

they're all pretty good but my fave is the first one. Sometimes you draw faces a bit too angular for my tastes, maybe throw in a few more curvy lines, esp. for a female face just to make it more feminine

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