Sunday, January 29, 2006


I'm a little rusty...

By the way, I always make a point to add some links to the sidebar. There's a plethora of kickass animation blogs around, and I suggest you check out some or all of the ones I've linked to - there's some serious talent going around.

Also, thanks for all the people coming out to check out my blog. The traffic's been great! I'll try to post as often as possible, every day if I can. And if you can, please please please leave comments! I love hearing opinions and feedback.


kelly erwin 9:03 PM  

nice one of alison, really nice structure. Now that you seem to know it, you should try to soften up the transitions for giggles in shits.

Gulzar 7:29 PM  

Good understanding of forms and basic shapes. Great nude studies...

Cookedart 7:26 PM  

Ya, really experimenting right now, seeing what works and what doesn't.

Brian's been giving me some useful tips on this so far.

Thanks :)

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